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By: Julie Moline   |   12/3/2007


FSEvery year at about this time, the great-gifts-for-travelers lists come out. And every year, I dream of being able to justify splurging on one or more of those items--the Bose noise-cancellation headphones, the cashmere blankie, the luscious leather satchel or maybe a year's worth of airport lounge access.

But I’m happy to say that it's still possible to treat yourself (and your traveling friends, colleagues and loved ones) to wonderful swag that’s actually affordable. Here are some of my favorites, all for less than $25:

Flight Spray. You may be taken aback if someone gives you nasal spray as a gift, but for road warriors who've experienced the unpleasant consequences of dehydration, it's actually quite thoughtful. The spray not only relieves symptoms but can also help prevent colds--and it soothes if you’re flying when you already have a cold or congestion. This spray is all-natural, made from turmeric root (an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent), spearmint (a natural antiseptic) and purified water. The 1-ounce spray bottle is small enough to pass TSA rules about onboard liquids. $14.85 from Magellans.com.


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