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Bioponic Phytoceuticals CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders

MAUI, Hawaii, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bioponic Phytoceuticals,Inc. (Pink Sheets: BPYT)BPI Logo ("Bioponic"), an innovative provider of naturalproducts and patented technology serving the Complementary AlternativeMedicine (CAM) and nutraceutical markets, issued today a letter toshareholders from CEO and Chairman Steven M. Schorr to discuss the Company'smaterial developments during 2007.

Dear Shareholders:

I have great enthusiasm about Bioponic's achievements to-date, and theoutlook for the natural products and phytochemical production industry as awhole. Pharmaceuticals derived from plants account for over $10 Billion insales in the U.S. alone, and demand for plant-derived medicinals is on therise worldwide. By 2010, global sales of nutritional preparations and naturalmedicine will top nearly $200 Billion. Bioponic has over 94 proprietaryproducts in commercial production through our unique BioresonantPhytotherapeutic(TM) formulas and our proprietary Airponic Growth System thatenables the in-house production of the highest quality health and wellnessproducts.

  --  This month, we launched Curemisinin(TM), an all-natural
        artemisinin-based treatment for malaria. Alternative anti-malaria
        medicines are in dire need in places like Africa, where every 30
        seconds a child dies of the disease. According to the World Health
        Organization (WHO), "The inappropriate use of anti-malarial drugs in
        the past century contributed to widespread resistance in the malaria
        parasite to drugs such as chloroquine, leading to rising rates of
        sickness and death. Over the past decade, a new group of
        antimalarials-- known as artemisinin-based combination
        therapies -- has brought new hope in the fight against malaria."
    --  Representatives from the American Friends of Guinea began distributing
        Curemisinin to clinics in Conakry, the capital city of Guinea, Africa.
        These human clinical trials will record the efficacy of Curemisinin,
        an important step toward partnering with WHO and other organizations
        that can aide Bioponic in bringing Curemisinin into countries where it
        is needed most.
    --  Our flagship product Flight Spray® is on the heels of a mass-market
        launch into national retail outlets, including major health food
        chains, top-name pharmacies and drug stores, beginning in the first
        quarter of 2008.
    --  Our Master Broker for the Western U.S., Active Sales and Marketing of
        Southern California, will expand our retail channels for six of our
        core product lines to 1,000 or more of the nation's top health food
        stores in the Western region. We anticipate this agreement can add
        $1.5 Million in sales to Bioponic in 2008.
    --  This month also marked the launch of our first product suite geared
        specifically for newborns and infants called Gentle Mother(TM). Gentle
        Mother, a suite of five products that treat common ailments of babies,
        is available for purchase online and will be rolled out to 1,000 or
        more national retail chains beginning in 2008.
    --  Entered into a $500,000 exclusive production and sales agreement with
        Malie, Inc. of Kauai, Hawaii to manufacture Malie's new Facial Tonic
        product line using Bioponic's proprietary ingredients and
    --  Received an initial order from Singapore-based Muji Global Sourcing
        Pte. Ltd. ("Muji"), who will be selling several Bioponic product lines
        throughout its established territories in Asia.
    --  Developed Curecumin(TM), a Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic(TM) formula
        designed to treat Alzheimer's Disease and the five leading forms of
        cancer (breast, colon, lung, prostate and skin cancers)
    --  Continue to develop our portfolio of intellectual properties with the
        acquisition of trademarks for our branded products and patent pending
        status for our Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic technology.

From our local Hawaiian facility, we are capable of processing $150 Million worth of wholesale products. With new global distribution channels and the introduction of cutting-edge products such as Curemisinin, our scalable production capacity will enable us to meet current demand, fill orders and pursue OEM/private label agreements with companies like Malie Inc. who are utilizing our formulation and manufacturing expertise to bring their natural cosmetic products to market.

I encourage you to learn more about our unique technologies, product lines and active ingredients by visiting our website and online store at http://www.bioponic.com. I hope you'll find this additional information useful in understanding Bioponic and the immense potential it represents for you as a shareholder. As always, I thank you for your time, interest and continued support in Bioponic.

    In good health,

    Steven Schorr
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
About Bioponic Phytoceuticals

Bioponic Phytoceuticals is engaged in the development, production and distribution of Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic(TM) products. The Company has developed several branded product lines, including the nasal spray: Flight Spray® (http://www.flightspray.com); Curecumin(TM) (a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease); O-Spray(TM) (scented nasal sprays); Throat Note(TM) (formulated for professional speakers and singers, great for everyone!) and the effective natural skincare product Hawaiian Healing Mist(TM). Bioponic is focused on the production of natural products that are used to promote health and well being.

All statements other than statements of historical fact included in this press release are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of federal securities laws. Such forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, some of which are beyond the Company's control.

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