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TRAVEL GEAR In-flight wellness

by Anne Burke 12/18/2006
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Cramped seats, noisy neighbors, dry and germy air — what’s a coach-class passenger to do these days? Fear not. We’ve rounded up some products that will help make life in the clouds just a little more tolerable for clients in the coming year.

Dry air relief
In-flight air is as dry as the Sahara. Flight Spray, from the makers of the popular No Jet-Lag, can keep nasal passages moist and help prevent colds, flu and sore throats that sometimes come with recycled airplane air and sitting near sneezing and coughing passengers. Herbal ingredients — turmeric root and spearmint — smell nice and feel soothing in the nasal passages. The 1 oz. bottle is TSA-friendly but remind clients to take along a clear, one-quart plastic bag for faster security screening. $14.75. www.travelsmith.com


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