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Flight Spray in Magellans Calalog


Flight Spray becomes the first product in Magellan's 65 page travel catalog. Flight Spray is the first product you see when you open the cover of Magellan's, a catalog containing hundreds of travel supplies.

Flight Spray, the newest travel health accessory and one of the top selling travel accessories, is available through Magellan's, America's Leading Source of Travel Supplies - 800-962-4943 www.magellans.com

Flight Spray - The first nasal hydration spray created especially for airline travelers. moistens the nasal passages, alleviates nasal dryness and helps prevent colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air. Flight Spray which is made in Maui, Hawaii, helps to enhance the body's ability to fight against infection, and clears the sinuses during long flights.


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