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Special status granted to Bioponic Phytoceutical U.S. patent application

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Health Business Week /Patents/ February 9, 2007

Bioponic Phytoceuticals, Inc. announced that its utility patent application "Method of Making Phytotherapeutic Hydrosols" has been granted a Petition To Make Special by the United States Patent And Trademark Office.   

The petition requests that the application be made special under the accelerated examination procedure set forth in M.P.E.P. 708.02 Section XII: Special status for Applications relating to Biotechnology Field." The company's patent application underlies its bioresonant phytotherapeutic products, which are currently available worldwide. The patent elucidates a new natural healing modality called bioresonant phytotherapeutics, which...

Source: Health Business Week (2007-02-09)